October 26-29, 2018 • Cedar City, Utah

Sheep Lead  Contest
Saturday , 4:00pm to 6pm

Location: Diamond Z Arena, North End (after Dutch oven contest)

Schedule: Check in 4:00:4:30pm, Lead Line classes will enter youngest to oldest.

 Sheep Lead Contest: The Objective of this contest is to give participants an opportunity to display their fashion and sheep-handling talents, to present sheep in an attractive manner, and to give the audience an opportunity to see and appreciate the beauty of wool and the animals that produce it.


Victoria Carroll

Details for rules and scoring here: sheep-lead-clhf-2016


  1. Entrants must wear a garment made of wool; garments may be purchased or constructed by or for the entrant. The garment should be at least fifty percent wool. (Does not apply to the “Sheep Costume Class”)
  2. The sheep used in this contest must be a Ewe or Wether of any age or any breed (no rams), conditioned, fitted and trained to show at halter. (Entrants need not bring their own sheep unless they desire). Lead line sheep need not be owned by the contestant, entrants must acknowledge the sponsor of the sheep. (This first year we have a sponsor for sheep and will have sheep available on site that meet the requirements for this show).
  3. Entrants must provide a 1/2 page commentary which should include their name, age, a brief biography, breed of sheep if bringing their own, hobbies, sheep interests, schooling and description of garment. (Not mandatory this year, we will provide each contestant with a 3×5 card containing fun facts about sheep to read to the audience)

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